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Welcome to Art Attic, an exclusive brand for eco-conscious art lovers. We are an online arts and crafts boutique focused on recycling and upcycling to minimise our carbon footprint for a positive impact on our city. 

Please note: We ship only within Greater Mumbai at the moment.

Why Choose Art Attic?

We envision a future where most of the goods produced across the globe are from recycled material and all consumers are aware of the source of the products they buy. At Art Attic, we have adopted a trilateral approach to minimize our carbon footprint:

Product Design Features

Many people think of design only in terms of appearance and functionality, but conscious designers lay equal emphasis on the longevity of the product. To ensure our products stay in circulation rather than ending up in landfills, we design products that are easily repaired and recycled.

Source Reduction

Reports show that more than 29% greenhouse gas emissions result from production of goods. Art Attic is conscious about this fact and reduces this impact by using discarded materials as our primary raw materials, by minimizing and using 100% recyclable product packaging, and by recycling the majority of our waste.

Energy Efficiency

Our workshop is located under the roof of our sister company. Due to this our energy demand is drastically reduced and we have also opted for a variety of easy and cost-effective ways, from using high-efficiency fluorescent lighting in our occupied workspaces, to storing the recycled materials we collect in a simple space at the office instead of a warehouse to further decrease our energy consumption.

"What makes Art Attic stand apart are their one of a kind 'upcycle' designs. They use waste products and each piece is reclaimed into something extraordinary. The best part is that these products do not have a shelf life and if taken care of, will look as good as new for years to come."

Bianca Pinto
Creative Professional and Happy Customer

"Art Attic is extremely innovative, daringly creative, with its products totally indigenous and completely made of waste. It is so heartening to see how simple waste gets transformed to a thing of beauty that lasts for years. I would recommend Art Attic to all my contacts one thousand percent!"

Naomi Fernandes
Events Professional and Happy Customer


Nicolette Dominica

Founder, Art Attic

"There is so much one can do for the environment and recycling by way of art is one such attractive way, I have chosen. With the current environmental concerns, it has become an ardent need to leave a green footprint behind. I make Art articles out of complete waste and also up-cycled old articles. What is waste to others is useful to me. This is why I started “Art Attic”, an online shop where every piece tells a story. I am doing my part, now you do yours!"

P.s We also take customised orders and can make theme appropriate items. Email us on



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